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Tenant Management

Our experienced rental department manager thoroughly reviews all rental applications and oversees the collection of rents, security deposits, fees, and fines.She executes leases, arbitrates tenant disputes, coordinates late notices, files dispossessories, makes court appearances, coordinates move in and move out notices, evictions, etc.

Her talents are displayed through personal involvement and knowledge of the tenants. She can be a tough collection agent or friend. This combination has made her a respected and valued employee and we are proud to have her with us at Rowe Realty.

Following eviction, termination or vacancy of leased premises, Rowe Realty Company, Inc. inspects the property and notifies the tenant in accordance with the State of Georgia and Alabama Laws for rents, damages and fees due.

At the owners direction, any balances remaining unpaid following a thirty (30) day period, will referred to a collection company. Fees due in accordance with collection will be passed to tenant to the maximum allowed by law.

Monies received from collection companies will be deposited into the owner’s account with appropriate commissions and fees, as stated herein applied to Broker’s account.

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Security Deposits

Rowe Realty Company, Inc. shall receive and disburse all tenant’s security deposits. Said security deposits shall be held in a trust account. Security deposits will be disbursed to tenants in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia and Alabama.

Charges to Tenants

Broker shall collect, for Broker’s account, an application fee, administration fee and late charge as set by Broker.

Currently these charges are:

Application Fee:

  1. $40.00 for one income, $65.00 for two incomes for residential applications
  2. $50.00 for one income, $75.00 for two incomes for commercial properties

Administration Fee:

Late Fee:
Broker shall charge ten percent (10%) of rental amount or $45.00, whichever is greater to tenant and retain Broker‘s account.

Dispossessory Fee:
Current Muscogee County Court fees begin at $44.00 for one person, $50.00 for two people and Alabama fees begin at approximately $280.00. Due to the many municipalities serviced by Rowe Realty in both Georgia and Alabama the court fees may vary from the city or county with jurisdiction over the leased property and are subject to change by the municipality.

These charges are increased by $20.00 each in the charges to the owner for reimbursement by tenant.

Broker retains any amount over costs for said warrant. No additional charge is added to the $5.00 writ fee. Fee from court subject to change.