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Management Commissions

Our Management Commission includes the following services to our owners:

  • Rental Application and Processing
  • Showing Vacant Rental Units
  • Promotion of Rental Units: Flyers, MLS Distribution, Internet, Signage, etc.
  • Lease Execution
  • Rental Collection
  • Tenant Ledger
  • Security Deposit Collection & Disbursement
  • Unit & Property Inventory Control
  • Collection of Tenant Repair Charges
  • Tenant Management
  • Bookkeeping Service: Disbursement of funds from owner’s account for utilities, repairs, mortgages, insurance, taxes, and other as authorized by owner. Invoices are directed to owner c/o Rowe Realty Company, Inc. in an effort to eliminate owner handling.
  • All Receipts and Disbursements itemized on Monthly Owner Statements
  • Large jobs and rehab are quoted bids to owner. There is no repair commission charged for labor performed by staff personnel. The hourly charge includes worker’s compensation insurance, public liability insurance, supervision, FICA, federal and state unemployment, employee benefits, vehicle maintenance, gas, tools and equipment.

Please contact us for a personal quote.