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For those who are not familiar with property management, maintenance may seem like a small issue when selecting the best brokerage firm to meet your management needs. In reality, it can make the difference between 100% occupancy and maximum income potential and a loss of income and property value.
The staff at Rowe Realty understands that a well-maintained property protects the owner’s investment and the rental income. For that reason, we have a separate department that addresses all of the repair and maintenance needs of our managed units.

The Difference

Unlike many companies where an untrained receptionist or over worked property manager takes work orders in addition to their many other duties, our maintenance coordinator takes each work order.
This approach eliminates the possibility that two service persons are dispatched on different work orders when one person could have performed both of the necessary repairs. It further insures that repeated calls for the same service are detected, minimizing the opportunity for a tenant to order superfluous work requests.
Rowe Realty offers 24-hour emergency service for the repair needs of our managed property. Our maintenance department includes office personnel whose only job is to coordinate and direct our maintenance staff and vendors.

In-House Maintenance Staff

We have an in-house maintenance staff with employees that have been with our firm for years. These employees include a licensed plumber and others with specialty skills and experience. The stability of the maintenance staff adds effective management for repairs since they become familiar with each unit’s past maintenance needs. With our maintenance staff crossed trained to perform many service needs, our owners benefit when one person can perform different repairs during one service call.
We also have an insured and certified list of licensed electricians, heating/air contractors, roofers and more, to service all repair needs. Whether the job is a leaking faucet or roof replacement, we can provide the experts necessary for the job. We will, however use any sub contractor directed by you should you have vendors you prefer.
Our Maintenance Coordinator handles maintenance requests from tenants, dispatches work orders and coordinates repairs with owners. She manages to maintain an outgoing personality in the midst of listening to problems all day. As one tenant wrote recently “Rowe’s quick call backs on our maintenance needs only show that they care about their tenants stay.” And you will appreciate her quick eye when it comes to excessive calls from any one unit.
Our service personnel are a valued asset to our company. Their loyalty, knowledge, and dedication have proven to be an asset for our owners as well as our company. Each service person carries a cell phone for routing and emergency dispatch. All employees are covered with worker’s compensation insurance and liability, quality vendors and sub-contractors.
For major electrical repair, roofing, and HVAC etc., Rowe Realty carefully screens vendors and sub contractors. Each is required to have the appropriate contractor license, business license, insurance, and references. Volume pricing is negotiated for the benefit of all owners. For large repairs, each vendor is required to present a written quote outlining all requested work, material and labor charges.
They are required to guarantee their work and return upon request should problems arise after completion. A maintenance supervisor from Rowe inspects completed work before payment is issued to insure proper completion. All invoices or material bills must be accompanied by an authorized work order and/or purchase order number before payment is made. Copies of the work order and invoice and/or material receipt are attached to the payment check and filed as a permanent record. The owner may review these at any time.

Tenant Charges

Tenants are charged for damages they have caused on or to your property. Our qualified staff is trained to recognize tenant damages. Broken glass, stopped up drains and toilets, damaged appliances are just a few of the items that are frequently susceptible to tenant abuse. We collect the full cost of these repairs from the tenant and reimburse your account.
We are ever mindful that our job is more than renting and maintaining your property, it also includes maximizing the return on your investment.