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Maintenance Staff Charges

The maintenance personnel on staff with Rowe are currently charged at a rate as follows:

  1. Skilled Labor – $50 per hour
  2. $40 for any part thereof

All emergency work performed after normal business hours and on weekends will be charged at time plus one half.

Pest Control

At the owner’s option we perform pest control treatment, change the air filter, check the battery in the smoke alarm and make sure the fire extinguisher is in place each month. Our charge to the owner for this service is $6.00 per unit in groups of five (5) or more and $20.00 per unit in groups of one (1) to four (4) and $15.00 for single units plus the cost of air filters, batteries, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers if necessary. This has proven to be a valuable tool.

In Case of Fire

Should there be a fire, the owner can prove continual maintenance on the fire extinguisher and smoke alarm to limit liability. Changing the HVAC filter prolongs the life of the unit, and we are able to view the condition of the property on a regular basis.

Many Insurance companies offer a discount on your premium with the monthly inspection. You may want to call and determine if your company offers this discount.

Detailed Reporting

The maintenance staff files a detailed report as to any adverse conditions noted in each unit. A member of the staff is sent on a follow up visit with the tenant and the tenant is sent written notice to correct damages. An inspection is performed at the end of the time allowed for correction and further action is taken if conditions persist. This service is not required by Rowe Realty, yet we encourage our owners to take advantage of this inexpensive preventive program.

Large jobs and rehab are quoted bids to owner. There is no repair commission charged for labor performed by staff personnel. The hourly charge includes worker’s compensation insurance, public liability insurance, supervision, FICA, federal and state unemployment, employee benefits, vehicle maintenance, gas, tools and equipment.

Move-in and Move-out inspections are charged at a rate of $50.00 each in Columbus and Phenix City. The fee may be slightly higher for units in surrounding areas such as Hamilton, Pine Mountain and Fort Mitchell.

Electrician's Tools

Gas Surcharge

Currently there is a gas surcharge of $3.50 per service order. We charge no surcharge when gas is under $2.50 per gallon.