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Bookkeeping and record keeping is paramount to quality property management and the staff at Rowe is unsurpassed in excellence. Each bill and invoice is screened for accuracy before it is entered for payment.

Something as minor as a water bill can cost the owner hundreds of extra dollars a year if not reviewed. An unusually high water bill could represent an undetected leak. The water bill is in turn passed to maintenance for inspection of the property. If a leak is detected, a copy of the repair bill is sent to the water company and they usually cooperate in issuing a credit against the high bill.

This is just one small example of how prudent bookkeeping can result in increased income to the owner.

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We offer a full accounting service for the payment of any bills pertaining to your properties. We pay any bill for your property such as mortgage, insurance, taxes, repairs, utilities and any other payments as directed by you from your rental income, keeping hard copies and electronic (soft) data.

Copies of all disbursements are available upon request. We have a full time bookkeeper dedicated to property management. She is available to the owner to review all accounting records. All owners’ funds are maintained in a trust account.

Our bookkeeping system allows us the flexibility to customize our owner’s statements. Some owners prefer a detailed accounting of each invoice, while others want a cash flow analysis for their property. We can provide either one or both.

If the owner has special needs, it is possible to customize their monthly statement for their needs. Our system gives the owner an accounting detail for each property they own and a consolidated statement showing the total income and expenses for the combined properties.

By paying all your expenses, you have them included on your year-end statement for easy tax reference. An IRS Form 1099 is attached with each year-end statement.